An Update from the Chair of Regional Arts WA

An Update from the Chair of Regional Arts WA

Regional Arts WA

An Important Update from the Regional Arts WA Chair, Oliver Bazzani

Dear sector colleagues,

I am writing to provide notice of changes within Regional Arts WA.

These changes are in response to ongoing financial pressures the organisation has been under and have come through the recommendations of an independent Organisation Review. The Board unanimously endorsed these changes and subsequent recommendations on Tuesday 17 January. 

We have designed a new organisational structure with a renewed and focused strategy that will enable an enduring Regional Arts WA, where we respond rapidly to emerging challenges and opportunities with new organisational efficiency and impact. 

This includes a significant redesign of our organisation chart, which sees three Program Manager positions replaced by a new General Manager position. Regional Arts WA will commence recruitment of our new General Manager shortly.

We live in a time of crisis and change, coupled with a turbulent and uncertain economic and funding environment. The world, our sector, and the communities we serve have and will continue to change rapidly. 

These factors will not be short-lived. Because of this, we need to make more fundamental changes to Regional Arts WA by redesigning the organisation around a more focused strategy that will best serve our purpose and ensure our sustainability. 

Every decision made was to create a strong and sustainable future for our organisation, one that is best placed to support every artist, arts worker, and arts organisation we serve. This is not an easy task, but it is one that is so important and necessary in the changing world we live in and the financial pressures we face.

As we enter this new phase, our commitment to providing services to regional artists, organisations and communities in regional Western Australia is resolute. Regional Arts WA will continue delivering our Arts Investment, Advocacy, First Nations Engagement and Sector Development programs, led by our Regional Arts Network. The organisation will continue to invest in income diversification, decentralisation into the regions, and technology that allows us to scale and amplify our activities. 

The world needs connection now more than ever, and we know that with your enduring support, Regional Arts WA will achieve our vision of connected and creative regional communities. 

Please do not hesitate to contact CEO, Pilar Kasat on 0417 947 520 or myself, Regional Arts WA Chair, Oliver Bazzani, on 0401 255 781 or for any questions you may have.

Thank you for your ongoing support, and we look forward to continuing to work together in strengthening and celebrating the arts in regional Western Australia.

Oliver Bazzani
Regional Arts WA Board Chair

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