To slowly starve something, in this case organisational resources.

The original definition of this word is: The complete or nearly complete loss of bark from around the circumference of a tree or shrub's limb or trunk.

To give arts practitioners the opportunity to live and work outside of their usual environments, providing them with time to reflect, research, or produce work.

A group of people holding close discussion and exploration of a specific topic. 

An organised opportunity for an artist to work, and sometimes live, outside of their usual environment. This can provide time to reflect, research, or produce work.

Towns, small cities, and areas far away from capital cities.


You can use the Modified Monash Model to find out what is considered remote.

A phone number you can call from fixed telephone services in regional WA for free.

The fact of being allowed to do or receive something because you satisfy certain conditions about where you live. That is, whether you live in an area considered regional (see: regional community).

Group of organisations, businesses, and people who take part in creative and cultural activities that have a focus on the arts in regional communities.  

Towns, small cities, and areas outside of major capital cities. 

Regional WA is made up of nine regions outside Perth: Kimberley, Pilbara, Gascoyne, Mid West, Goldfields-Esperance, Wheatbelt, Peel, South West, and Great Southern. If you are unsure which region you are in, you can consult a map of Regional WA

The act of remembering who somebody is, or identifying what something is; if you are given recognition, people show admiration and respect for your achievements