The perceived quality or value of arts practitioners and their work. This can include prompts such as – do they have a defined style? How relevant is their work? Can the practitioner critically reflect on their practice?

(Acronym: Australian Western Standard Time).

The body responsible for accepting grant monies on behalf of a grant recipient, paying grant monies to a grant recipient, and ensuring that funds are acquitted once a funded project is completed. 

An official examination of the quality or standard of something. 

Planned activities that help meet the needs of existing and potential audiences and help develop on-going relationships between organisation and audience.

Something that is assessed by people who do not work for the organisation.

A person who actively engages in the planning and creation of art and arts activities as a profession.

A person actively engaged in the creation of art, either as a hobby or profession. 

A group of people who share a common interest in art, and all things relating to art (for example, the artists, museums, galleries, customers, audiences, etc.).

Able to create or enjoy art; skilfully or attractively made.