RAF Cultural Tourism Accelerator

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RAF Cultural Tourism Accelerator

The Cultural Tourism Accelerator Program is a $5 million targeted measure announced by the Australian Government as part of the Regional Arts Tourism package. The program will enable arts organisations, local governments and artists to promote and develop cultural events for tourists across regional Australia.


To see the full list of recipients, visit the RAF Cultural Tourism Accelerator Recipients page.

Grant Categories

There are four types of grants available. Two grants focus specifically on marketing, and two on developing new initiatives.

Flash Marketing Campaign  – $2,500

  • A competitive quick response grant for upcoming projects to extend digital or grassroots marketing into a new visitor market.

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Targeted Marketing Campaign  – $10,000

  • A strategic and targeted marketing campaign to achieve a particular visitation outcome. The campaign will accompany an existing project, event, festival, venue or annual program.

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Experience Initiative  – $10,000

  • An initiative that adds an offer or experience to an existing program, to increase visitation or extend the visitor experience of ‘place’.

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Partnership Initiative  – $15,000

  • An initiative that develops a partnership with hospitality, accommodation, retail or events businesses to increase visitation and develop cross markets.

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Important Dates

  • 23 Jan 2022  Applications close
  • 7 Feb 2022  Flash Marketing Campaigns can begin
  • 1 Apr 2022  Targeted Marketing Campaigns and Initiatives can begin
  • 31 Oct 2022  All Campaigns and Initiatives must be completed and acquitted

Photo credit: Nannup Music Festival 2019. Photo by David Bailey, courtesy Nannup Music Club Inc.


Individuals, incorporated not-for-profit organisations, local governments based in regional WA


$2,500 - $15,000



Funded projects must be acquitted by 31 October 2022


Project Officer
Shandell Cummings: 08 9200 6204
Technical Support
Rachel Rainford: 08 9200 6203
Regional Freecall
1800 811 883


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?

Individuals, groups, Australian incorporated associations and local government organisations that are located in MM2-MM7 using the Modified Monash Model Map

For-profit small businesses and private businesses cannot apply. However, we encourage businesses to partner with individual artists or arts organisations who can apply. Small business and private business project partners are greatly encouraged.

If you are unsure of whether your organisation or project is eligible, please contact Regional Arts WA at investment@regionalartswa.org.au or 08 9200 6200.

Do I have to have an existing project/venue/event?

Yes, this is an accelerator program, designed to value-add to existing venues, projects, events, festivals. The application form will ask for details of your existing program/venue/event.

Can I apply for more than one grant category?

Yes. Applicants can apply for one Campaign (either Targeted or Flash) and one Initiative (either Experience or Partnership). Applicants can be successful for one Campaign and one Initiative application, but not for the same costs. Each application must be made on a separate form.

Visit the individual grant pages for application forms.

What is visitation? How much should it increase?

‘Visitation’ means physical attendance by anyone from outside the postcode of the activity. They might be from the neighbouring village or from the opposite side of the country. They can be a day tripper or an overnight visitor. The target increase should be in scale with the scope of the initiative and budget. Your aim should be realistic, achievable, and measurable. 

How will visitation be measured?

Applicants should design visitation measurement as part of their application. Applicants will be required to collect data supporting the effectiveness of their initiative. This could include engagement with social media, participation, attendance by postcode.

In addition, each recipient (excluding Flash Campaign) will assist in a national survey coordinated by Regional Arts Australia and be required to collect a minimum of 30 responses from visitors. These can be collected during or after the event. This survey will provide deeper insights into visitation, reasons for visitation and the importance of arts and cultural activity when choosing to travel.

How do I apply?

  1. Download and read the Program Guidelines [PDF]
  2. Contact Regional Arts WA to discuss your proposed request and check your eligibility
  3. Submit your application via SmartyGrants – use the Applicant and Resource Guide [PDF] to assist

Visit the individual grant pages for application forms.

About Regional Arts Fund (RAF)

The Regional Arts Fund is an Australian Government Program that supports sustainable cultural development in regional and remote communities in Australia. It meets the strategic priorities of supporting participation in, and access to, the arts; and encouraging greater private sector support for the arts.

The Regional Arts Fund is designed to benefit regional and remote arts practitioners, arts workers, audiences and communities. The program is managed nationally by Regional Arts Australia and is delivered in all states and the Northern Territory by Regional Program Administrators.

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