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RAF Quick Response Grant

Quick Response Grants are intended to assist regional artists, arts organisations and communities to take up professional or skills development or small project opportunities that arise at short notice.

This program has been set up to be responsive to projects that fall outside the scope of other funding opportunities. Applicants must clearly explain why there is no other suitable funding program for their project.

The Quick Response Grant program is open to applications on an ongoing basis by financial quarter. There will be two allocations in 2021. They will be open on an ongoing basis until funds are expended each round.

Guidance Materials

Please read through the Guidance Materials for eligibility and grant criteria.

This information is available in a standard PDF version, and an accessible word version. If you require further assistance accessing the Guidelines, please contact us on email.

Regional Eligibility

Applicants must reside in postcodes classified as regional using the Modified Monash Model Map. The applicant’s physical address must be MMM Classification 2 or above. To check how your address is classified visit the Doctor Connect Locator Map.

How to apply

You must contact the Regional Arts WA Project Officer to discuss your proposed request, check eligibility and availability of funds. Once you have contacted Regional Arts WA and confirmed eligibility we will provide a reference number and the link to complete the application online through Smartygrants.

For advice on making an application please consult the Resource and Application Guide and contact Regional Arts WA.

Draft Reviews

Applicants are encouraged to request one draft review before submitting your final application. Draft review requests will be accepted up until two days prior to the eligible submission date.

To request feedback download a PDF of your application, by clicking on the ‘Download’ button at the bottom of the last page of the application form, and email the Regional Arts WA Project Officer, quoting your application number.


The objectives of the Regional Arts Fund (RAF) are to support and promote participation in, and access to, arts and culture in regional and remote Australia by:

  • Encouraging and supporting sustainable economic, social and cultural development in regional communities;
  • Developing partnerships and networks which leverage financial and/or in-kind support for specific projects and encourage ongoing collaboration;
  • Developing audiences and broadening community engagement with the arts; and
  • Increasing employment and professional development opportunities for, and raise the profile of, regional and remote artists.

The specific assessment criteria are outlined in the guidelines.

Assessment Process

Applications are processed and assessed internally by Regional Arts WA staff. Applicants will be notified of the outcome within 10 working days of receipt of their application.

Links and downloads

Successful RAF recipients must display the RAF logo (a combined set of the Australian Government logo and Regional Arts WA logo) on promotional material relating to the supported project.If you have any enquiries regarding logo usage please contact the Regional Arts WA Project Officer

Successful Applicants – Round 2, 2020-2021

  • Felicity Brown
  • Wheatbelt Arts & Events Inc.
  • Anne Kavanagh
  • Shark Bay Arts Council Inc

About Regional Arts Fund (RAF)

The Regional Arts Fund is an Australian Government Program that supports sustainable cultural development in regional and remote communities in Australia. It meets the strategic priorities of supporting participation in, and access to, the arts; and encouraging greater private sector support for the arts.

The Regional Arts Fund is designed to benefit regional and remote arts practitioners, arts workers, audiences and communities. The program is managed nationally by Regional Arts Australia and is delivered in all states and the Northern Territory by Regional Program Administrators.


RAF Quick Response Grant
Eligibility Individuals, groups, incorporated not-for-profit organisations and Local Governments based in Regional WA
Amount Up to $2,000 for individuals
Up to $4,000 for organisations
Dates Closed
Contact Project Officer
Shandell Cummings
Regional Freecall:

1800 811 883
08 9200 6204
Guidelines Click here

Contact Regional Arts WA Project Officer for Application Link

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