IOTA Participation Grants

IOTA Participation Grants

Through funding from the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (Culture and the Arts), Regional Arts WA is delighted to support regional artists, arts workers and craft practitioners to attend the inaugural Indian Ocean Craft Triennial opening events (Futuring Craft conference and Curiosity and the Cloth fashion event) in Perth on 17-19 September 2021. 

Futuring Craft
 will be presented at WA Maritime Museum and Curtin University on 17-18 September as part of the opening celebrations for the first Indian Ocean Craft Triennial and will be ‘a provocation of ideas that reshape, reclaim and reframe craft practice as an intrinsic and integral component of human experience and cultural understanding.’ 

Curiosity and the Cloth takes place on 19 September at Boola Bardip / WA Museum in collaboration with Curtin University’s Department of Design and the Built Environment and community partners. 

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Grant Details

IOTA Regional Participation Grants are designed to support regionally based artists, arts workers and craft practitioners who would otherwise be unable to attend the event.  

Regional Arts WA will provide grants of either $500 or $1,000 towards costs associated with travel, accommodation or registration fees. Applicants who reside in a location above the 26th parallel and/or classified as MMM6 or MMM7 are eligible to apply for $1,000.

Applicants will need to outline in their application the benefits and opportunities that they and/or their community will gain from attending the IOTA conference and festival.  The selection process will reflect priorities such as the inclusion of First Nations and culturally diverse practitioners. 

Regional Eligibility 

Applicants must reside in regional WA as determined by Regional Development Commission boundaries. The applicant’s physical address must be within a Local Government area identified as regional, to check your address visit or or view a map here.

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Congratulations to the successful recipients:

Rose Barton (Pilbara) | $1,000
Katie Evans (Pilbara) | $1,000
Garry Sibosado (Kimberley) | $1,000
Darrell Kyle (Kimberley) | $1,000
Nathan Gardiner (South West) | $500
Amanda Bell (South West) | $500
Cindy Poole (Goldfields-Esperance) | $1,000
Jen Mitchell (Great Southern) | $500
Shermy Coleman (Mid West) | $500
Trish Green (Peel) | $500
Carrie McDowell (Pilbara) | $1,000
Jacky Cheng (Kimberley) | $1,000
Helen Seiver (South West) | $500
Monique Tippett (Peel) | $500
Darrell Sibosado (Kimberley) | $1,000
Casey Thornton (Wheatbelt) | $500
Kira Smith (Pilbara) | $1,000
Tracey Ceraj (South West) | $500
Ruth Maddren (Great Southern) | $500
Vivienne Robertson (Great Southern) | $500
Jan Griffiths (Kimberley) | $1,000
Tracie Walsh (South West) | $500
Cathy Ward (Kimberley) | $1,000
Cathy Cummins (Kimberley) | $1,000
Natika Dunn (Pilbara) | $1,000
Mary Ellen Cliff (Great Southern) | $500
Hendrika Rouw (South West) | $500
Peta Ugle (Peel) | $500
Sally Mills (South West) | $500
Tanya Lee (Kimberley) | $1,000
Michelle Slarke (Wheatbelt) | $500


This program is supported by the Department of Local Government, Sports and Cultural Industries (Culture and the Arts).

IOTA Participation Grants
Eligibility Individuals based in regional WA
Amount Up to $500 
or $1,000 (remote WA or above the 26th parallel)
for travel, accommodation or registration fees
Key Dates Closed
Contact Investment Coordinator
Amber Launay
Regional Freecall:
1800 811 883
08 9200 6207


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