Sand Tracks 2018 – Saltwater Band and Black Rock Band

Sand Tracks 2018 – Saltwater Band and Black Rock Band

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The 2019 Sand Tracks tour ready to hit the road. Picture by James Winwood.

Ten years after it all began, Galiwin’ku’s legendary Saltwater Band returned to the country’s centre to once again headline the Sand Tracks tour.

One of the Northern Territory’s most loved bands, Saltwater Band have sold over 30,000 albums, been awarded the prestigious Deadly’s “Album of the Year”, been nominated for an ARIA and toured extensively across Australia.

The 2019 support band was the up and coming Black Rock Band from West Arnhem, wowing audiences the year before at Bush Bands Bash.

Having just dropped their debut album “Struggle”, Black Rock Band sing in Kunwinjku and English about their celebration of culture, connection to country, the fight for social justice and the future they want to create for the next generation.

Black Rock Band worked closely with Saltwater to create a number of collaborative songs and learned plenty from their more-than-20-years of music industry expertise.

The 2019 tour poster was designed in collaboration with Wilurrara Creative in Warburton.

Sand Tracks kicked off 16 September at Bush Bands Bash in Alice Springs, through its partnership with MusicNT and travelling over three weeks to five remote Aboriginal communities across three states; Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory, with the final performance in Kiwirrkurra – one of Australia’s most remote communities, more than 2000km drive from Perth.

The 2019 tour travelled 6,635km over 24 days, playing to an audience of around 4,850 people in 6 communities covering 3 regions. 12 artists and 5 arts workers were employed with 9 workshops delivered to 152 participants. 

“It was great for (Black Rock Band) to travel with the Saltwater Band. To write songs with them and be on stage together – learning from their experience after being together for more than 20 years. By the end Black Rock Band and Saltwater Band were working together a lot, supporting each other and being like family.”

– Bill Pheasant, Black Rock Band Manager

If you’d like to read more we’ve talked to a few of the folks who were on the tour and you can see the full story here.


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Warburton (Mirlirrtjarra) Warburton Community, Warburton WA 6431, Australia

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