Kim Perrier’s 40 retrospective Sculpture Exhibition | Bridgetown

Kim Perrier’s 40 retrospective Sculpture Exhibition | Bridgetown

Regional Arts WA

The 1 meter in diameter by 80 cm high Coral reef cast in Lead Crystal Glass.

Works including Bronze, Carved Stone, Lead Crystal Glass Casting, Minitaures sculpted in Sperm Whale teeth and Bone, Jarrah Carvings and a wide collection of Bronze Medallions are all on show in Bridgetown celebrating his 40 years of work.

Kim Perrier has had a notable career with works included in the National Gallery, WA State Gallery and the Gallery of the Northern Territory, Darwin.

His exhibition also contains a massive installation of cast Lead Crystal depicting a coral reef, and a unique sculptural style called electroforming where he also incorporates rock crystals in another huge desert inspired display. A total over 110 works are on display.

Kim has also launched a new sculptural style called ‘Carbonature’ which he showed for the first time at the Country Arts WA 2017 Regional Arts Summit in Mandurah this year.

Featured at Kim’s 40 year Retrospective is his 3.7 meter sculpture, ‘Ashes to Ashes’, a winner at both 2015 Sculptures by the Sea Exhibitions. At Cottesloe a WA Sculptor’s Scholarship was awarded followed by the ‘People’s Choice Award’ at Bondi.


Bridgetown Pottery Restaurant Gallery 81 Hampton St. Bridgetown, WA

Dec 15, 2017 - Jan 31, 2018 Multiple times available.    
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