In Cahoots | Fremantle

In Cahoots | Fremantle

Regional Arts WA

Tony Albert, Kieran Lawson and David C Collins, Warakurna Superhero #1, 2017. Image courtesy of the artists, Sullivan+Strumpf and Warakurna Artists

In Cahoots: artists collaborate across Country is an expansive exhibition of new work taking over FAC’s galleries. The works are the result of 18 months of artists’ residencies in remote and regional Aboriginal art centres across Australia.

Artists from six key Aboriginal art centres have invited leading independent artists – both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal – from around the country to work with them. The resulting collaborative artworks are significant, striking and bold in their inventive use of materials.

Featuring sculptural works, installations and films drawing together the ideas of artists from diverse backgrounds, In Cahoots presents these fascinating, potent collaborations happening across Country today.

Participating Arts Centres Include:

  • Baluk Arts (VIC): Kirsty Bell, Dominic Bramall-White, Gillian Garvie, Glenn Foster, Tallara Gray, Robert Kelly, Beverley Meldrum, Rebecca Robinson, Nanette Shaw, Douglas Smith, Lisa Waup and Shane Wright WITH Neil Aldum (WA)
  • Buku-Larrnggay Mulka Arts Centre (NT): Ishmael Marika WITH Curtis Taylor (WA)
  • Mangkaja Arts (WA): Elsie Dickens, Yangkarni Penny K-Lyons, Myarn Lawford, Rita Minga, Eva Nargoodah, Illium Nargoodah, Johnny Nargoodah, Gene Tighe and Duane Shaw WITH Trent Jansen (NSW)
  • Martumili Artists (WA): Kumpaya Girgiba, Rachel Handley,
    Thelma Judson and Nancy Karnu Taylor WITH Claire Healy & Sean Cordeiro (NSW)
  • Papulankutja Artists (WA): Lynette Brown, Nora Davidson, Pamela Hogan, Freda Lane, Angilyiya Mitchell, Anawari Mitchell and Jennifer Mitchell WITH Louise Haselton (SA)
  • Warakurna Artists (WA): Nancy Carnegie Tjungupi, Lena Dawson Palitja, Andrea Giles, Norma Giles, Sheila Giles, Trudy Holland, Dianne Holland, Joyce James, Clarabelle Kendae, Francine Newberry, Nancy Nyanyarna Jackson, Polly Pawuya Butler-Jackson, Eunice Porter Yunurupa, Kristabell Porter, Delilah Shepherd, Dwayne Shepherd, Katherine Shepherd, Selina Shepherd, Dallas Smythe, Noreen Smythe, Dorothy Ward, Rocky William Porter, Billy Willy, Tracy Yates, Judith Yinyika Chambers and the children of Warakurna WITH Tony Albert (QLD)

Curated by Erin Coates, Fremantle Arts Centre


Fremantle Arts Centre Fremantle Arts Centre, Finnerty Street, Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia

Nov 25, 2017 - Jan 28, 2018 Multiple times available.    
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