An Incompetent Life | Perth Fringe Festival

An Incompetent Life | Perth Fringe Festival

Regional Arts WA
Regional Arts WA

An Incompetent Life, is a short look into a life that could’ve gone a bit better.

English-born comedian, Brian Poller looks at life just a little differently; using incompetence to gain success – or at least one version of success.

Poller will be performing his unique comedy show An Incompetent Life, that sold out at Fringe World 2017, during Perth Fringe World 2019 at The Deluxe, Yagan Square Perth from January 22nd – 30th. All shows commence at 6:40pm.

This one man show has been more than 50 years in the making… A soaring saga of disaster and comedy; inanity and depth. Poller’s intricate storytelling will have you completely absorbed in his world.

In Brian’s world, competence may lead to success and money, but incompetence is a shortcut to seeing things a little differently, if only out of necessity.

“Anyone who loves tales of adventure, tragedy and raw life truths will love Brian Poller’s An Incompetent Life ,”

“Brian’s story telling ability is incredibly engaging and will have audiences hanging on his every word. It’s also completely inspiring through his ability to tell his story and perform to a live audience, all whilst having a speech impediment.”

– Euphorium Creative Ringleader, Julian Canny.

Find out what the Red Rubber Thing has to do with loss, if Brian did achieve Plan A, become a Dalek and exterminate his sister, and a few other things that can’t be mentioned here due to….er…… incompetence!

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Venue & Session Times

Perth – Deluxe at Yagan Square

Tuesday 22 January @ 6:40pm
Wednesday 23 January @ 6:40pm
Thursday 24 January @ 6:40pm
Friday 25 January @ 6:40pm
Sunday 27 January @ 6:40pm
Monday 28 January @ 6:40pm
Tuesday 29 January @ 6:40pm
Wednesday 30 January @ 6:40pm


The Deluxe, Yagan Square Yagan Square, Perth, WA 6000

Jan 22, 2019 - Jan 30, 2019 Multiple times available.     Bookings
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